Children’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate children around the world. While the United Nations Assembly adopted 20th November as the annual International Children’s Day, each country is allowed to select a date for themselves. On the 1st of June 2019, Kinderland Cambodia celebrated Children’s Day with a fun-filled program for children and teachers alike.

To kick off the celebration, children and teachers got on their feet for a mass song-and-dance session to warm themselves up for the games that followed. Our children were participated in an array of games that were not only engaging and fun but also promoted team spirit. The favourite activity of all was the balloon pass where the children enthusiastically participated alongside their friends.

Behind the scenes, our teachers spared no effort in organizing this joyous event.  Their decorations and balloons added to the festive atmosphere, and all of the songs, games and delicious food were prepared by them. It is no surprise that Children’s Day in Kinderland Cambodia was a time of great fun for all.

All of the children certainly had an unforgettable Children’s Day Celebration in Kinderland. All of us at Kinderland wish you Happy Children’s Day 2019!

The handmade Children’s Day 2019 poster, crafted by the children and their teachers, was the centerpiece of the decorations

Children from the Pre- Nursery 1 class enthusiastically posed for the camera.

The Pre-Nursery 2 class’s energy is bursting

Masks aren’t just for superheroes: the nursery class puts on their unique, self-designed masks

Our happy Children

The children had fun cooperating with each other during the three-legged race