31st October was a spooky, creepy yet fun-filled Halloween Day in Kinderland International Preschool @ Cambodia. Children came dressed in various costumes – from witches, pirates, fairies, scary skeleton, superheroes to charming princes and princesses.

We are all ready for the Halloween Party!

The Halloween Party spanned off with songs and skeleton dance. Scarily-exciting Halloween Games Station were prepared by the teachers to make our children’s day super eventful.

One of the most fascinating game was the Bloody Juice Treasure Hunt. Children were thrilled as they fished for hidden toys in icy “blood” water. Working their gross motor skills was the Witches Hat Ring Toss station where children need to toss the ring around the witches’ hats.

Children hunting for treasures in red iced juice

Look! I can toss the ring around the witches’ hats

Mimicking the all-time popular Spanish game Pinata was Hit the Monster’s Head. Children were blindfold with a challenge to try hit the monster’s head with a stick. Last but not least, the Munching Pumpkin station requires children to feed the hungry pumpkin by throwing beanbags into its mouth.

Children’s listening and directional skills are enhanced by following the instructions given by the teacher

Besides the games, our Kindergarten 1 and 2 children made their own Halloween paper bag to contain all the candies they have won. It was a great hands-on experience for the children, enhancing their creativity in making the paper bag.

Children dressed in fancy costume for the party

Many thanks to our parents and teachers who have worked hard to put together this Halloween Party. Our children were definitely delighted with happy faces seen through the day.