Soo-a s’day ch’num t’mey or Happy Khmer New Year from our students and teachers at Kinderland Cambodia! We celebrated “Bun Choul Chhnam Khmer” (Khmer New Year), one of the most important festivals in the country.

Dressed from head to toe in traditional Khmer costumes, our students got to learn hands-on about Cambodia and its culture. The fun-filled day featured a wide variety of delicious foods and engaging activities whilst children learnt Khmer greetings, folklore songs and traditional dances.

A highlight of the day included The ‘Leak Kanseng’, a traditional game played by children and adults during the new year. Translating to ‘Hiding the Scarf’, the game involves a group of children sitting in a circle, who must guess which player among them is holding a kanseng (twisted Cambodian towel). Despite the simplicity of the game, the students had a fantastic time alongside their friends and teachers, who are already looking forward to next year’s celebrations.

From all of us at Kinderland, k’nyom choun-por nay-uk oay mee-an som-naang laa-or (we wish you good luck) for the year ahead!

The Kinderland teachers and children play ‘Leak Kanseng’, a traditional game typically played during Khmer New Year.

Kinderland teachers and children learn and performed a traditional Khmer dance at the end of the day’s celebration.

Kinderland pre-Nursery 1 children and teachers posed in their vibrant and traditional Khmer costumes.

Kinderland children participate in Sraung Preah¸ a traditional activity during Khmer New Year Celebration which involves playing with powder.