On Earth Day, the children from Kinderland Singapore and Cambodia digitally united together for the first time ever in a combined effort to protect the environment.

First launched by Kinderland Singapore in 2018, the e-Ambassador programme utilizes technology to broaden the perspective of students by allowing them to interact with children from all corners of the world. This year, children from Kinderland Singapore and Cambodia banded together for Earth Day, and shared their various eco-friendly initatives. This included school activities, such as water conservation and recycling efforts, and even day-to-day student-led practices (e.g. using a cup when brushing teeth, proper disposal of rubbish).

Through this cross-cultural exchange, children’s self-esteem and self-confidence were boosted. The opportunity to express their ideas allowed the children to improve their speaking skills and enhance their thinking skills. With the great show of teamwork in our first session, we are eagerly anticipating our next e-Ambassador programme.

Children from Kinderland Cambodia having a group conference with students in Kinderland Singapore.

The Kinderland E-Ambassador programme builds children’s self- confidence whilst fine-tuning their verbal skills.

The students introduced their Cambodian culture and nationality to their counterparts in Kinderland Singapore.

Kinderland Cambodia teacher facilitates the children’s exchange through a questions and answers session.