Mother’s Day is an important celebration in preschools as it provides an opportunity for children to appreciate and honour their mothers. By celebrating Mother’s Day in preschool, children learn to express gratitude, love, and admiration for their mothers.

Our students at Kinderland International Preschool @ Cambodia came up with different creative ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. Nursery students made balloon print flowers to give to their mothers. This personalized gift will be treasured by mothers as a reminder of their child’s creative expression of love for them.

Children focused on translating their love through their art

Our Kindergarten One (K1) students handmade cards for their mothers. Creating handmade Mother’s Day cards in preschool not only allows children to express their creativity but also teaches them the value of giving from the heart. It helps in developing fine motor skills, encourages self-expression, and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Creating a lovely card for his wonderful mother by cutting and pasting hearts and flowers!

Finally, our Kindergarten Two students painted ceramic bears with a note for their mothers. Not only is it a fun activity that allows students to explore their artistic side, but it also creates a lasting keepsake that mothers will cherish. Mothers will surely appreciate the thought and effort that went into creating such a gift.

Giving it their best effort to paint a beautiful bear ceramic for their mom!

In conclusion, engaging preschoolers in fun and creative activities can make Mother’s Day celebrations memorable. Crafts like handmade cards, painted ceramics, or balloon print flower can be a delightful way for children to showcase their love for their mothers. These activities not only enhance creativity but also foster a sense of accomplishment in children. These simple yet thoughtful gestures will surely make mothers feel loved and appreciated on their special day.