COVID-19 is a ​new coronavirus that was discovered in December 2019 and has now spread throughout the world. As the virus spreads rapidly, teachers play an important role in helping children and families conquer the fear and anxiety. And so our teachers began teaching our children healthy habits tips in prevention against the virus. Here are some of the healthy habits that our teachers introduced to the children:

1) Stay at home and stay away from crowds.
2) Wash hands with soap frequently to keep germs away.
3) Sanitize hands when soap and water is not available.
4) Rest at home when you are not feeling well.
5) Cover your mouth/nose with tissue when you sneeze or cough.
6) Wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms.
7) Consult a doctor immediately if you are unwell.

Teacher also discussed the importance of personal hygiene, proper ways of wearing mask and being socially responsible by staying at home when unwell. During the discussion, children are encouraged to ask questions with good interactive conversation with their teachers.

Teacher discussed the tips for children on virus prevention.

Our student explaining the need to wear a mask if we have cough or runny nose

Teachers were also responsible for health checks, temperature screening, sanitization of toys and learning materials and the overall cleanliness around the centre. Teachers monitor our children’s temperature regularly throughout the day and were cautious of children having flu-like symptoms.

Check and monitoring child’s temperature upon arrival

Our preschool ensures the school’s environmental hygiene is at its best always and monitors the health of all employees and children in the centre. Parents are also constantly kept up to date with the latest measures and advise given by the preschool. Meanwhile, our preschools also increased the frequency of daily cleaning and disinfection, with toys being cleaned daily using antiseptic and disinfectant liquid.

As a big family of Kinderland, let us protect our children, stand firmly together, work hand in hand and support one another to overcome this unexpected difficult period.