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CEO of Kinderland Educare Services, Mr Robert Leong presenting a plaque to JACPA CEO Mr Katsuo Igarashi

CEO of Kinderland Educare Services, Mr Robert Leong presenting a plaque to JACPA CEO Mr Katsuo Igarashi

Aug 21, 2015 – Kinderland Educare Services and JACPA Corporation are delighted to announce a joint venture, which will see the partnership grows stronger with the establishment of new Japanese preschools, and the promotion of Sport and Physical Education for preschoolers in the region.

This marks another milestone for Kinderland, as we celebrate both our 37th anniversary as the trusted brand in early childhood education.

Of course, we could not have achieved this without the close support from JACPA Corporation. They are Japan’s largest preschooler sports academy, whom we also commemorate our 10th year of partnership providing gymnastics and sports programme to children in Kinderland. We are fortunate to have JACPA a strong partner who has 40 years’ experience working with more than 700 Japanese kindergartens.

The collaboration between Kinderland Educare Services and JACPA Corporation spans a decade, starting in 2005 when the first batch of JACPA instructors was sent to Singapore to launch the first gymnastics classes in 10 Kinderland centres.

NurtureStars is a collaboration between Kinderland and SAFRA, set-up to provide active learning and childcare services to its reservist members. They have officially integrated JACPA’s physical education programme into its core curriculum.

The aim was to incorporate a strong age-appropriate sports and fitness programme that will further enhance both Kinderland and NurtureStars preschool extra-curricular activities. Great value is placed on ensuring our children develop mentally, socially and physically which helps them to be healthier, happier and more successful in life.

With this partnership, JACPA and Kinderland will venture to promote sports and physical education to pre-schoolers in the region. Kinderland also continues to stay committed to provide excellent and quality educational programmes and services in the countries where we have gained strong foothold.

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