New school term always spells new discovery for our Kinderland children. Our children went on a journey around the world as they explored new concepts about Countries of the World. They learned about the different cultures, costumes, music, dance, and not forgetting the food people eat.

It is said the best way to learning is through experiential and that is why our children have their hands in preparing Japan’s cuisine. Our Kindergarten 1 class had some really great time preparing tasty Sushi treats with their friends!

Coming together to make our own sushi. Teamwork!

Children learn to follow instructions, read the recipe and prepared the ingredients for sushi making.

Cookery class creates practical experience for children, building important skills such as motor skills, eye-hand coordination, reading and exposing them to Math and Science concepts. Children’s sense are also enhanced as they explored the different types of ingredients. This holistic positive experience with fresh and healthy foods forms the foundation for healthy eating habits. Children were also encouraged to work as a team, exuding positive social skills and joy as they sharing their fruit of labour. Their sense of achievement was seen all over their faces!

The best moment of cookery class – eating the fruit of their labour!

Yes, we did it! A sense of achievement with success in making their first sushi!