Lunar New Year is a traditional holiday which is celebrated by many people around the world. It is a time of celebrating families and happiness, and is often marked by family gatherings and feasting.

At Kinderland International Preschool @ Cambodia, Lunar New Year theme is a great opportunity for educational activities and exposure to learning the culture and traditions. Celebrating Lunar New Year in a preschool fosters cultural awareness and provides a unique opportunity for young children to develop an appreciation for other cultures and learn about the world around them.

Teachers include hands-on activities that teach our preschoolers about the Chinese customs and traditions, making the celebration more interactive and engaging. Our preschoolers created fun yet simple Lunar New Year crafts. Children can learn a lot about the festive’s decorations and the symbolic meaning as they create these crafts.

Fun with focus doing arts and crafts

Additionally, through presenting the festive dance and songs, students not only showcase their artistic talents but also embraces cultural exchange and understanding. The presentation of these dance and songs is not merely a performance but a celebration of cultural heritage and artistic expression.

Preparing to sing a Lunar New Year song

One of the highlights of the Lunar New Year celebration is the Lion Dance. Our preschoolers are especially thrilled and enchanted to witness the Lion Dance. The vivid colours, magnificent lion costumes, and rhythmic movements of the dancers instantly captivated their attention.

Students delightfully watched the lion dance.

In conclusion, celebrating Lunar New Year at preschool provides a unique opportunity for young children to explore the Chinese culture, traditions, and diversity. Through engaging activities, children can learn about the importance of family reunions, the Chinese zodiac, traditional decorations, gift-giving, and songs and dance. In addition to fostering cultural awareness, these celebrations promote creativity, cognitive development, and social skills among preschoolers. By embracing and celebrating different festivals throughout the year, Kinderland creates an inclusive and enriching environment where children can develop a deep appreciation for different cultures and traditions.

Happy Lunar New Year!