A burst of enthusiasm filled the air on 2 July 2023 as the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Centre played host to a morning of celebration and achievement. The much-anticipated graduation concert at ISS International Academy was nothing short of a spectacle, themed “Light, Camera, Action!”

Our exciting parents arrived at the concert hall

The event brought together parents, teachers, and students to commemorate the journey of our little graduates as they took center stage. The morning was an enchanting blend of talent and culture, highlighted by captivating performances, including the mesmerizing Khmer dance by our lower primary students and the soul-stirring Khmer folk music presented by our talented upper primary students.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as parents eagerly awaited the opportunity to witness their child’s accomplishment. The entire school community united to applaud and cheer for our K2 graduates, celebrating the progress they have made throughout their time at ISS International Academy.

Our K2 grandaunts

The spotlight of the morning was undoubtedly the performances by our talented children. The Primary 1 children stole hearts with their graceful Khmer dance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Cambodia. The upper primary students, in turn, mesmerized the audience with their soulful Khmer folk music, evoking emotions that transcended language barriers. Their passion and dedication to the arts were evident, inspiring everyone present to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our world. Pre-schoolers also presented their wonderful dances.

Our preschool teacher is preparing our students for their performance

Our lovely K2 students are dancing on the stage

To our exceptional K2 graduates, may your journey ahead be illuminated by the light of knowledge and guided by your passion for learning and creativity. Embrace every opportunity, for you are the shining stars of tomorrow.

Congratulations, Class of 2023! The world awaits your brilliance.