With the new school year in August, Kinderland International Preschool @ Cambodia ISS International Academy children will start their new learning journey.

Kindergarten 2 students began Term 1 with their theme “Community Helpers”. It is an engaging and educational topic that aims to introduce young children to the individuals in their community who work to keep it safe, healthy, and harmonious. This theme allowed kindergartners to learn about community helpers such as police officers, firefighters, doctors, teachers, and more. By incorporating activities, role-playing, and discussions, the children develop an understanding and appreciation for these important members of society.

Identifying Community Helpers using our Large Group Area.

Various activities are planned throughout this term for students to learn about community helpers. These activities allow children to explore different professions and encourage them consider these helpers’ societal roles. The lessons provoke children to ask questions, learn about various jobs, and witness first-hand the tools and equipment they use.

K2 created handprints that represent community helpers

Moreover, incorporating literature into the theme can further enhance children’s understanding. Books that introduce various community helpers and their responsibilities can be read aloud during story time. These books can spark discussions and help children identify different helpers and their roles within the community. Arts and Crafts activities can reinforce the child’s learning. For instance, children can create their own “community helper” puppets using paper bags or role-play games where they pretend to be community helpers, imitating their actions and responsibilities.

K2 used fine motor skills as they create a model of their teeth

This theme fosters an understanding of diverse professions by immersing kindergartners in the world of community helpers. It encourages children to develop empathy, respect, and gratitude towards the people who work tirelessly to make their community a better place.