As the academic year commenced, the Kindergarten One (K1) students embarked on the first term’s theme, “My Friends” – a part of the newly-implemented Kinderland Integrated Curriculum.

This topic allows young learners to develop their social skills and emotional intelligence. The students learn to interact with their peers through various activities and exercises. These activities aimed to cultivate a positive and inclusive environment within the student community, encouraging them to develop meaningful connections and establish lasting friendships.

K1 children reciting a poem entitled “Friends at School”.

One such activity is a group discussion where K1 children were encouraged to share ways of helping others and personal experiences on friendship. This allows students to reflect upon the qualities they value in a friend and gain insights from their peers.

A collaborative activity, “Nature Hunt”, also encouraged teamwork and cooperation among the children. The children were divided into groups and were tasked to collect nature items like leaves, flowers, and twigs. With this activity, the students learned how to appreciate and befriend nature and create a visual representation of friendship.

K1 children were closely examining the found items from their nature hunt.

Furthermore, the children undertook a series of workshops and activities to build stronger friendship bonds. They include making friendship bracelets and necklaces, friendship hats, jelly treats, book of friends, book of good deeds, mystery box games and more. These activities covered effective communication, conflict resolution, and empathy. Students were taught practical tips to help them navigate the complexities of interpersonal relationships and foster healthier friendships.

K1 children proudly showcasing their friendship hats craftwork.

K1 children were engaged in the process of creating jelly.

Lastly, a friendship-themed event was organized by the K1 teacher, allowing students to engage in various interactive activities. These activities include friendship certificate presentation, poem recitation, singing, dancing and opportunities for children to engage in meaningful conversations.

Friendly interviews – A K1 child is interviewing her two friends on what they like.

In conclusion, the theme of friendship for young learners is a significant aspect of their early development. Encouraging and fostering positive relationships among young children promotes social skills but also contributes to their emotional well-being. By incorporating activities and lessons centred around friendship, educators can instil the value of empathy, kindness and cooperation in the minds of Kindergarteners. This theme serves as a foundation for building strong interpersonal connections and lays the groundwork for future social interactions.