Education lies at the heart of a child’s development, encompassing not only academic pursuits but also fostering creativity, social skills, and a sense of belonging. Children are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that can help them learn, grow, and have fun in a preschool. The preschool day is always filled with new experiences, opening the little minds to new knowledge.

In Kinderland International Preschool @ Cambodia ISS International Academy, one of the popular activity is art. Children can let their creativity flow and learn about different art techniques, mediums and materials. Art can also help them develop their confidence and strengthen their fine motor skills. Learning about art history can also help them gain a greater appreciation for different art cultures and their unique expressions of creativity.

Teamwork in completing ‘Thank You’ project

Finger painting promotes sensory learning

Another popular activity is cooking. Children get to learn the basics of food preparation and nutrition, and they can also practice their creativity in the kitchen. By learning to cook, children gain an appreciation for different cultures and cuisines.

Making healthy chocolate cornflakes snacks

Finally, numeracy learning is an important part of a child’s education. By teaching numeracy, children learn to count, add, subtract, and divide. Not only do children learn to problem-solve, this skill is important helping them to relate to real-life encounters such as counting of money during shopping. Building a strong foundation in numeracy provides children more confidence as the Maths problems gets more challenging through their education years.

Exploring numbers One and Two in the Nursery Class

There are a whole lot more of Kinderland programmes that can benefit our children at preschool. By exposing our children to the specially designed programmes help seize the best learning and boost their brain development in their golden early years. These activities not only develop them academically, it also helps our children gain an appreciation for different cultures, preparing them to be global citizens of tomorrow.