Hurray! Why is Christmas the most beloved holiday? Because it is thought to cheer and warm people’s hearts. Christmas is fun and exciting for the children and the teachers in Kinderland International Preschool. The festive season provides wonderful opportunity to make lasting memories and impart important lessons in an entertaining and interesting way. There is a lot of wonder and excitement in the festive atmosphere during Christmas.

Children’s faces were filled with unbridled delight as they received their gifts, some of them unwrapped their gift as soon as it was given to them, the smiles on their faces make our hearts smile even bigger.

Unwrapping their Christmas present.

Meanwhile, the Christmas market held in the school ground under ISS International Academy was a day full of fun, with a charming stall lining, the aroma of delicious food and beverages fills the air. This not only brings the festive spirit into the school but also provides a valuable learning experience for the students.

Buying from various festive stalls

The children purchased coupons to buy food from the stalls prepared by primary school teachers and fellow students. As they bought food from stall to stall, they were happy interacting with other students. Some parents even came to celebrate with their child.

Enjoying the Christmas market and shopping from different sellers.

It was enjoyable to have the festive celebration once a year during the holiday season. The children learned how to assist with cooking and preparation, as well as how to interact with other children and understand that Christmas is the time for  giving and sharing and spending time with your loved ones.

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The celebration provided the children a different experience in school, creating precious moments and happy memories. It is a delightful and enriching experience for both the children and teachers. By creating a festive environment, the spirit of Christmas can be celebrated in a way that is both educational and fun for everyone. Children get to experience the magic of the holidays during this time, and they also learn valuable lessons and morals. There was definitely great joy, lots of learning, and giving.